Love’s journey: Kaamdev And Rati

What is LOVE? The eternal question has been asked over thousands of years, and continues to mystify us even today! Everyone has something to say on the subject… but no can say for sure!

In an era where the most precious emotions of Friendship and Love are easily sacrificed at the altar of Convenience and Money… where relationships are as disposable as yesterday’s movie ticket… can the fire of Love be ignited again?

The artist and the writer, driven by the same questions, turned to mythology for answers.

Indian mythology, like its Greek counterpart is filled with incredible characters and stories. Gods and Goddesses representing all forms of Nature and Emotions exist, and have been worshipped or called upon for their powers and wisdom. Why not call upon someone for help, then?

The Love God Kaamdev and his consort Rati symbolise Love and Devotion. They’d have answers, wouldn’t they? So the artist and writer went around the world eavesdropping, as Kaamdev and his beloved had conversations.

Put together, here are little gems from overheard conversations… and more are to come soon. Watch this space.


Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction using favourite characters of mythology, and are the perspective of the artist and the writer on LOVE. The intention is only to glean insights on LOVE and share them with the world.

About the Author

Artist Lovely Kukreja / Script Suhana Bhatia