Maharashtra Emerges As Preferred State For Talent Acquisition

Maharashtra has emerged as the preferred state for talent acquisition by automobile, banking, financial services & insurance, pharma, hospitality and core sectors like oil and gas, power, steel, minerals and FMCG, according to an India Hiring Intent survey.

The survey was part of India Skills report, a joint initiative by PeopleStrong, a leading HR solutions and HR Technology company from India, Wheebox, a Global Talent Assessment Company, and the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), LinkedIn, AIU, AICTE and UNDP.

The report captured the hiring intent from over 125+ employers and 500 thousand candidates from all 29 states on various parameters like – skills in English language, domain knowledge, numerical and logical ability, and various soft skills like critical thinking, conflict resolution. Maharashtra ranks among the top three states in skills related to numerical and logical ability, computer literacy, and English language along with domain expertise. This makes it an attractive hiring destination for employers. In contrast to this there are some states which have performed exceptionally well in one of the segments but not in others.

Says Pankaj Bansal, Co-founder and CEO of PeopleStrong, “In terms of hiring, Maharashtra is only one of the ten states that have maximum percentage of employable candidates also features as the most preferred hiring destination by employers across sectors. It thus becomes more clear that focus on matchmaking skills with jobs has huge impact. The fourth edition of India Skills Report, 2017 has come up with the new found focus on employability and matchmaking than mere skilling. And it is exciting to see that employers, academia and the government have started working in tandem to achieve the same”

Some key sectors which prefer hiring from Maharashtra are automobile, banking & financial services and pharma & healthcare. In all these sectors the employers have shown an increase in hiring intent (in the range of 5-10%) from last year.

Apart from Maharashtra, Delhi, West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh too feature among the states with most employable population.

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Deepak Sahijwala