Gastronomic Delights At Mahesh Lunch Home Crab & Wine Festival

The traditional and iconic gastronomic symbol of seafood in Mumbai – Mahesh Lunch Home – is hosting the Crab & Wine Festival, at their Juhu outlet, from 5th October -31st October 2018. This is the 17th Crab & wine festival organized by Mahesh lunch home ‘s Juhu Branch where each year a host of seafood lovers throng the place for their favorite dishes.

“ We introduce many new crab preparations that are made from various coasts around the world,” says Suraj Shetty, partner of the Juhu Branch. “ Our aim has been always been introduce crab delicacies different from the previous year, making our patrons also taste cuisines from newer regions or a different style,” elaborates Shetty.

The ‘giant crab’ put up at the entrance of the Juhu restaurant has become the symbol of the Mahesh Lunch Home Crab & Wine Festival, which will continue till October 31st.

Mahesh Lunch Home

One of the most sought-after gourmet’s destinations for seafood aficionados in Mumbai, Mahesh Lunch Home is known for its innovations, events,  festivals, and an expansively ever-evolving menu. The Crab & Wine Festival promises to liven up the spirits with a huge variety of recipes, specially crafted to bring out the best of these eight-legged beauties.

Crabs being a hot favorite among gourmets, Mahesh Lunch Home has reinvented itself and included mouthwatering varieties cooked in popular flavors from across the globe like Kitam Bungkus, Steamed Crab Balinese Curry (Indonesian), Malaysian Crab Tuk Tuk (Malaysian),Thai Crab in Light Soy Basil (Thai), King Crab Alfredo (Continental style) and hot Indian favourites like Crab Coriander Candy Sticks, Coorgi Ginger Crab, Tankai Crab, Mangalorean Denji Curry, Crab Curry Vindhyas, Crab Vindaloo and Andhra Chilli Crab, among many others. The cool quotient is a free glass of wine with every crab dish.

The Crab and Wine Festival is organized during the Lunch and Dinner Timings. Moreover, throughout the festival, Mahesh Lunch Home offers a complimentary glass of wine with every crab dish.

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