Managing Money: With A Big Cheque Comes Big Responsibility


Generations before us come from a time where candies cost 25 paise or less, luxuries like TV, movies, cars, clubbing and mobile phones were only a western concept. They believed in working and saving all that they earned so that when they had children they could give them a better lifestyle. Managing money was ingrained in them primarily because they had lesser avenues for expenditure.

Now if we lived in a world before the internet and happy hours at clubs ’round every corner, we’d actually be a lot happier because even though we’d have less money to spend, we’d have lesser activities to spend it on.

Unfortunately, with all these new, enticing choices and bank accounts getting replenished every month with big salaries, comes great responsibility.

Simply put, we’re faced with a choice between postponing our urgent wants, not needs and saving up for a time in the future when we will need this money. Instead of blowing it up for a few, loud hours in a club with lights and music, we could stash it away for a knee replacement perhaps, we’ll need one day.

Honestly, we’re not the healthiest generation that’s ever lived, if anything we’re surrounded by so many options of meals ranging from gourmet style fine dining to fast food chains brought to our doorstep with a click of a button. Sure one burger could be cheesy and delicious or that pizza is worth the extra calories and holes in the pocket, for now. Down the line, you and I aren’t going to make it with this diet. I’m not saying don’t eat that extra slice or another tub of ice cream; indulge yourself. But think about it, when time catches up and you feel 40 at 28, how are you going to pay off those big medical bills?

Let’s for a while assume that our health won’t actually be as bad and I’m only imagining the worst but, what about rent? Electricity bills? Vacations? Shopping?

The idea of having to get out of my parents’ home and run my own, with a job, although a little far out, is quite scary. I can’t cook or do my laundry to save myself. I can barely manage to keep my surroundings clean by my standards. Let’s say I even learn how to cook and clean for myself but, with a job, it’s going to get tough and I could really use some help around the house.

The funny part is, house help literally costs high, so how am I ever supposed to pay them off if I don’t have little piggy banks labelled: home, party, self-appreciation (which I use to buy myself expensive gifts for being able to exist), bills, hospital, retirement, holidays.

Having said that, it’s really easy to just say it because I have to actually keep myself from buying a pack of fancy-looking, autumn-smelling bath bombs today so I can pay for my grocery three years later on my own.

This is a quest because everything less is an understatement;  I don’t have to answer my parents about where I ‘waste’ their money since I spend eight hours every day, five days a week to make enough money to pamper myself. That isn’t going to work when the bills start being addressed to my name.

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