Manasi Kirloskar Speaks @ She Leads Summit – Fighting The Gender Stereotype

Asia’s largest summit on Women Leaders, the She Leads Summit 2018 was held last week at Hotel Hilton in Mumbai. Manasi Kirloskar was the Keynote Speaker and she shared her thoughts on “Fighting the Gender Stereotype”, with her inspiring talk.

Speaking at the session Ms Kirloskar gave the example of our former Prime Minister, Mrs Indira Gandhi – the first Woman Country Leader in the world!! Continuing with current examples she stated that our banking sector is ruled by women, our celebrated female athletes have put India on the world map and so on in every sector like Biotech, Media, Entertainment, Music, Government, Healthcare, Authors and many more. In most of the industries, women work in an equal capacity to men. They may have faced discrimination and fought an extra mile to earn their positions, but it’s their sheer competence and not their gender that has permitted their success and respect.

To quantify the effect of economic progress Ms Kirloskar referred to a McKinsey research that tells us that if women’s economic participation were to be at the same level as men, by 2025, $28 trillion could be added to the world’s economic growth. But this can only be achieved if we all work together.

She closed the keynote session stating that – Let us choose to be true and live our lives to the benchmarks that we set for ourselves.

About the She Leads Summit

This is a summit to coincide with Women’s History and is designed to bring female leaders from India together to discuss the past, present, and future of women’s leadership on a global level. The conference is built upon four pillars: networking, education, empowerment and diversity.

She Leads Summit is all about an Innovative and content-driven session, Learning new things, meeting interesting people and being inspired by great women. This summit will navigate the path to success using their own wisdom, life experience, and personal image to promote themselves and their passions.

Carrying Forward A Legacy Is Important But, Disrupting A Legacy Is Vital, Says Manasi Kirloskar