Microsoft’s Lumia 650 Launched, Priced Right; So Will It Give Samsung A Run For Its Money?

“We crafted the Lumia 650 with the finest detail while delivering a consistent and familiar Windows 10 experience. Lumia 650 brings the best of Microsoft productivity, beautiful design and an affordable price. The device is perfect for enterprises and Windows fans alike,” says Ajey Mehta, Country General Manager, Microsoft India.

He was talking at the Microsoft launch of the Lumia 650 Dual SIM(4G) in India today. This is to be the latest smartphone to run on Windows 10, which Microsoft claims is “designed for the modern day professionals who seek harmony in their work and personal lives, it offers the best of Microsoft’s productivity and security, in a beautifully crafted, slim package. Recognizing that people today want to get more done as quickly as possible, and always look to their smartphone – their most personal device – to help them achieve it, the Lumia 650 Dual SIM has been designed to be as productive for the user as it is personal.

The device will be available in matte black and matte white colours and is available at a buy price of Rs 15,299. Matches many of Samsung’s products on the price line. And means the markets getting competitive… but its the products usability that still remains to be tested.

So should you buy? Wait! We have asked our Technology Reviewer Gautam Sahijwala to give it a close look. Watch this space and we will let you know.