Money Management Apps Walnut, Splitwise, mTrakr, Goodbudget And Qykly Are Good

Money Management Apps Walnut, Splitwise, mTrakr, Goodbudget And Qykly Are GoodSuccessful business man with piggy bank holding thumbs up in office

Last week I downloaded an app that reminds me to drink water every hour. I am in love with it because I can finally stop worrying about hydrating less. That got me thinking about apps that would help me budget better. Although I prefer using the old paper-pen method my father taught me, it’s getting hard. I can’t note down all that I spend immediately in my little black book and by the time I get home, I forget half my expenses. The need, therefore, was for some Money Management Apps

Here are some Money Management Apps Reviews with interesting features to help you save more.

Walnut– this app is packed with features to enable you to save better. It makes note of all your spends and sends alerts when you exceed your budget. You can link it to your credit card for it to easily track transactions. You can even use this app to split expenses with your friends every time you’re out. Way more efficient than a calculator I think. At the end of every month, you can export all your data as expense reports to get an overview of the big holes you’ve made in your pockets.

Splitwise– this one is especially for all those who live away from home and share expenses with roommates. And it may be safe to assume that cooking is a chore you’ll find time for only on a rare occasion. All your friends can log into this app and track expenses you split between everyone. It gives you various categories of expenses, how you’d like to split them and even the number of people who’d contribute. So right from a birthday party to house rent and grocery shopping, you can enter all the numbers and let your pockets be drained without the worry of the calculations.

mTrakr- only available for Android users, it does all that’s mentioned above and helps with taxes. It also sends SMS updates about all your expenses and makes fancy illustrations to convince you to save more.

Goodbudget– with a nice looking little envelope, this app takes the concept of little piggy banks to another level. It helps you categorize your expenses and put them away in digital envelopes that it can track. You can even make an ideal budget the app will help you achieve.

Qykly– I find this android app worthy of my list because it links all my e-wallets to the tracker. Every time I forget to carry cash now, which is pretty much always, the app automatically stays updated on any withdrawal from my e-wallets. So it not only offers features like sending spending updates and setting goals or even splitting bills but also ensures that it helps me save more when I don’t see money slipping through my hands.

Disclaimer- I find these apps very helpful but, nothing beats my little black book I use to scribble little numbers into. Keeps my math skills fresh and saves me when my phone dies in the middle of the day.

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