Mrityubhoj – The Death Feast – Trailer Review

Mrityubhoj - The Death Feast

Mirtyubhoj – The Death Feast – covers a moving or rather a non-moving subject / ritual that has been followed by Hindus – the BHOG ceremony after the Death of a member in the family…This Film questions this very ritual … which has left a whole Village (Chambal) in DEBTS just so that the age old custom can be followed / adhered to.

Rightly titled …the BHOG (ceremonial FEAST) has been converted into a BHOJ (or weight / debt) by the family members who do the ceremony.

Being directed by National Award Winning Documentary Film Maker Ms. Akansha Sood Singh – she says or quotes this about her new project ” Is it in our existence or in our karma or is it in our death that a meaning may be found?”

It’s produced by – Praveen Singh, the Executive Producers for the film are – Yin-Ming Lei & Umesh Vohra, the Camera work is by – Sanjiv Monga & Rakesh Rana, the Music score is by – Soumadeep Sen, and last but not the least the Editors of the film are – Sanjiv Monga & Tenzin Kunchok.

Do Checkout the Trailer of this Work of BRILLIANCE … More Films like these are needed …It is time we realized that “The eyes are USELESS, when the MIND is BLIND”.

Mrityubhoj – The Death Feast Trailer from The Gaia People on Vimeo.

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Jeetendra Mehra
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