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I don’t remember having fallen sick ever since I walked on the path of Theta Healing

MyStory-1-1-1“Right from my childhood , I have been prone to some sickness or the other very easily . A Few years ago ,when my husband and daughters were out of town, I suffered from  an intense bout of diarrhoea for few days . One day my body started  shivering suddenly, and that lasted for more than 3 hours . Eventually, the shivering stopped but my body got swollen and became stiff . It became so stiff that it appeared like a herculean task to get up and move .
All throughout this suffering, I kept praying to God to either take me away, or help me out of the situation.
As if God heard my prayers, one of my daughter’s friend visited me and was aghast to see me in that situation and immediately informed my daughter . My daughter sprang into action and requested one of our Doctor friends to help me, who took care of me by staying at my place till I recovered. I was told that I suffered from severe dehydration which could have been fatal.

ThetaHealingTo me it had been like a near death experience. Two months later, having almost recovered from the illness, I travelled to Mumbai from Bangalore .After noticing an ad in the news paper regarding ThetaHealing seminars , I felt guided to join the seminars in Mumbai after reading the Basic ThetaHealing book authored by Vianna Stibal , founder of ThetaHealing technique. Then onward, there was no looking back. I continued my ThetaHealing journey by achieving the highest certification, in ThetaHealing having trained directly from the founder .

When I look back, a death door had opened for me when the near death experience happened. But my soul had decided to stay back as I had to complete my divine life purpose. This experience helped me evolve spiritually, preparing me to acquire the knowledge and skills required for fulfilling the life purpose I had come here for.

This was my divine life purpose – to evolve into someone who could help people to get relief from ailments and many other physical, mental and emotional challenges and thus help them to empower themselves.

As my ThetaHealing journey progressed, not only my health started improving at a surprising speed, but I began leading so many people into empowering themselves.

I don’t remember having fallen sick with any serious sickness ever since I walked on the path of ThetaHealing.

The happiness and bliss I get is inexplicable… whenever I see smile on the faces of my students/clients I feel fulfillment. More so, as I remind myself that I was chosen by God to be the catalyst in this process.

I am truly grateful to Creator of All, that Is for choosing me for this noble cause.

About Devaki Kakullavaarrapu

Devaki Kakullavaarrapu has started her career as a trained teacher, and had stints in software industry and into Banking Industry. But she always felt that she had a life purpose of service, in spirituality. Being intuitive since her childhood helped her in smooth transition into healing. She was initiated into spirituality through Reiki. She went on to become a Reiki master. She took training in several healing modalities and Therapies which include Akashic Record Reading, Aura Healing, Chakra Healing, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Tarot Reading, and Crystal Healing etc. Though each modality that she learnt has been extremely valuable to her and elevated her spiritually to where she is standing now, but ThetaHealing Technique has changed her life completely.

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