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Disha Bilve Khatri

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99% of this world consists of good people

My Story India Pages I would like to share a cute little instance that I witnessed at Crawford Market last Saturday. It re-affirmed my belief that goodness does exist and that the world is not a hellhole as it is projected every day to us.

So, here’s the incident: Along with my hubby Shrey, I went to Crawford Market to doing some monthly shopping. We were on our Activa (scooter) and it suddenly started pouring. So, we decided to park the vehicle in the parking zone, and use the ‘gyara number ki bus,’i.e: walk with the umbrellas in our hands!

As Shrey went to park the vehicle, I saw this young father along with his son….maybe… odd 2 years old…helplessly standing in the rain trying his best to protect the child from getting drenched. I noticed the papa-son duo closely … because…I am myself a Mom to a 1.7 years old … so maybe I felt an instant connection with this new parent … wondering what I would expect if I was in a similar situation?

And as I said … there’s tons of goodness around…

What I see is … this college girl … with a huge green coloured umbrella … coming and simply standing next to the father covering the little boy and his papa completely. It took me a few moments to understand that the girl was a stranger – as the father was thanking her profusely. She stood there calmly till the rain subsided, or rather, stopped.

And it’s a pretty huge thing … as Crawford Market is an area that is full of chaos, commotion, congestion, and tempers of people there fly at the drop of a hat!

My heart melted looking at this simple act of kindness and thoughtfulness. And at the same time, I wondered … why didn’t I go? So … yup … sometimes … you need not think soooo much before you wanna help … you simply go ahead and Help.

I have always believed that 99% of this world consists of good people. But, don’t know why the focus has shifted to this minuscule 1%.? Maybe, what you focus more on … expands … It’s time to change the “Nazariya” (perspective).

About Disha Bilve Khatri: A new age mom trying to juggle motherhood, home, and professional commitments. A freelance social media strategist, by choice. A CFA by education, which naturally makes me develop a keen interest in Indian Equities. Trying to see the beautiful and the good in this world after some major unfortunate events in life.


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