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 Each of us has, at some point of time in our lives, received life advice from our personal life-coaches – parents, siblings, teachers, mentors, kids, the vegetable vendor or the stranger sitting on the adjacent seat on the flight. Something that moved you, changed you or made a difference to your perspective forever. India Pages brings to you these slices of life, shared by people from all walks of life … Writers, Photographers, Artists, Television Producers, Hands-on mommies, Entrepreneurs and Engineers …. Meet Prasiddhi Mishra

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MyStory-1-11I’m here, addressing you as the Fortuneteller. This is what I have become… Or rather this is what I Am

I had known this forever, how my loved ones would depart the earth plane. As if I was being prepared for their departure. My agony is that I want to know…more than others but once I know, I wonder why I was the chosen one for this information.

Most of my life has been spent in this sore knowingness. And through all this, it never occurred to me, that this is the very path which I am supposed to walk. It is as if all the plans that I had made purposely became null and void and the clear path emerged : That of being who I was born to be in the first place.

So finally I’m here, addressing you as the Fortuneteller. This is what I have become. Or rather this is what I Am.

All my other career plans devastatingly failed and one clear knowing told me to do this. Clear knowing is called Clairvoyance. And if we could only trust the pure information that we get in some “in between” moments, our life will be guided perfectly, with no mistakes.

These in between moments are when we are engrossed doing something else…. And a message comes. And if we are adequately receptive…we will catch it. Peace will dawn upon us, and this clarity will carry us on its wings. Its the angels speaking to us and through us.

For me the journey began as a child and unfolded throughout my growing up years. There were people who told me about this. I ignored them. Then there were angel messages which again I did not take seriously.
The universe has spent at least 25 years trying to tell me that I am supported and encouraged to be a fortuneteller. I always thought as to who am I, to tell people what will unveil in their life? What qualifies me to do this? Thank God this ability did not give me an ego high. I was genuinely questioning my own credentials.

We need a Guru to open our channel. That makes us ready for everything on earth and everything beyond this realm. Once my spiritual growth, began it became clear to me as to why I was the person who needs to talk to people about their lives. To be the counselor,the guide, the friend and the way-shower.

You know why I do this? Because I cannot help it. I’m made in that mould. I am Me. Finally. Finally I get it. Credit also goes to all the people who trusted me with their life. They gave me the faith to do this well. Their faith is my faith. Till today before I read for somebody I ask them to pray. Because I can do nothing without their willingness and a pinch of Divine approval. My work is a dedication to their spirit. Its because of them. There is no ME when I read Tarot. I am a channel, not the source.

After having met highly skeptical people and having ‘converted’ them so to speak, I’ve realized that the more someone is skeptical the higher is there chance to be a believer. They want to be convinced. They want to understand the logic. They want to grow but haven’t yet met the right counselor who could win their trust. “Kya aap sahi batati ho? Kya yeh reading sahi hogi? Dekhte hain!! ”

Then after tons of denial and couple of years of going back and forth, they finally agree!!

It has been my lesson too. I have been taught by the Universe that effective truth telling also includes jokes, one liners and absolute silence rather than going on and on trying to convince someone.
Now I only want to tell them “as it is” at the moment. Healing will emerge from their acceptance and new found understanding of the situation.

This is what life taught me. My best laid plans never came to fruition…. While I was busy trying to live a conventional life….. The unknown found me.

About Prasiddhi Mishra: For someone who always thought that media was and still is her path…. More than outward communication it has now turned to being inward communication. Where after having pushed herself all her life to speak publicly, now she is being pushed to go within…. And connect with her own and other’s angels and guides. From being a label manager to a radio presenter…. After having been there and done that…. Prasiddhi now explores truly the unknown and mysterious truth. Divine blessings are her reward.

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