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Each of us has, at some point of time in our lives, received life advice from our personal life-coaches – parents, siblings, teachers, mentors, kids, the vegetable vendor or the stranger sitting on the adjacent seat on the flight. Something that moved you, changed you or made a difference to your perspective forever. India Pages brings to you these slices of life, shared by people from all walks of life … Writers, Photographers, Artists, Television Producers, Hands-on mommies, Entrepreneurs and Engineers …. Meet Reema Suri

Me am now a calmer, peaceful and happier soul

mystoryA chance phone call with a friend who somehow I never manage to meet, but is always close to my heart gave me the biggest revelation of my life, Be open and you shall receive. Simple words, but with the most profound meaning. Things were not good at all, work front was leading nowhere, I was really working hard but money refused to come in. It was a constant struggle and at some point, it seemed like all that my life was destined was to struggle and the final straw came when mum was diagnosed with pancreas cancer. I completely lost it. God was unfair, what had I done to deserve this?

Losing dad when he was 48 and now mum when she was hardly 57. I had started practicing Reiki and did my Chakra healing but strangely these words were still not comprehended by me. Those two years changed my perspective to life. Every day was difficult and finally she left us for a better space, free of all pain and troubles. But my life seemed full of pain. Every inch of my body hurt me, I couldn’t sleep at nights, and nothing made sense, absolutely nothing at all.

Food had lost its taste, days seemed dull, nights were long and scary and bleakness and despair had made my heart their home. I questioned God, looked for answers, and did everything a rational mind would. On the surface, I was an organized, practical, logical, an ever smiling human being but inside the shattered fragments hurt me at the oddest hours in the worst places. They say those who smile the most have hidden the deepest pain in our hearts.

reema-suri-2But one morning a small article hidden in some corner of the newspaper, resurfaced the life changing sentence, Be open and you shall receive. That set the rational mind thinking, had I never actually let my doors open wide enough to let anything enter. Maybe unknowingly I had locked and double locked myself so strongly that even though the universe wanted to give me my heart’s desire, it was refused entry. And there on began the biggest change of my life.

Slowly and gently, I released my fears and pain to the universe, freeing my mind, heart and soul and became open to receiving. Receiving without questions or logical understanding.

I wanted a better job, I need love in my life, I wanted to study, I wanted a better car, wanted to read…most of my former excuses had been that I never had time or the money but now the universe challenged me, I am ready to give you but you be ready to accept.

Acceptance here means be prepared to give your time, energy, dedication and sincerity to what you believe is essential to your life. Don’t take anything you receive for granted cause as easily as things enter, they can also be reversed. And yes, all that used to be my dream or aspiration started becoming realities. It also gave me a lot of awareness that not everything we dream of is not actually required by us. Not every want needs to be fulfilled because each dream, relation or aspiration has to be nursed and taken care like a small baby, so that it grows into a healthy and beautiful child. This revelation has made me a calmer, peaceful and a happier soul.

There are still a lot of wants and desires in my mind and I’m sure the universe is prepared to give me whatever I want but on my personal front, I respect, honor and understand the importance of whatever I have received, never taking anything for granted. And I know now for sure that my life will never be bereft of love and happiness ever.

About Reema Suri

Reema Suri is a daughter, wife, mother, writer, Manager, MBA, Tarot card reader and finally a dreamer. A long and well nourished life journey which spanned from an interior designing diploma at the age of 19 to marriage at 20 to motherhood at 21.Television writer at 25, operations manager at 37. Completed her MBA at 38. A bucket list exists in her mind and is committed to make most of them come true. Her motto, “Once you make a decision, the universe conspires it to happen” but that is only if you want it bad enough. So she is basically a greedy soul, looking for enrichment and nourishment from wherever she can find it. Her biggest dream is writing a book which satisfies me and I’m getting there soon.

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