‘NAARI’- A Student Driven Sanitary Pad Drive Inaugurated By Sunny Sanap

The BMS Department of Jai Hind College, Talaash organized a social initiative Naari- A Sanitary Pad Drive. The students along with Sunny Sir distributed free eco-friendly, re-usable pads to underprivileged women to create awareness about menstrual hygiene.

Team Phullu supports students of Jahind College

The event took place on two days, 10th and 15th of June. The idea started off with distributing pads available in the market but soon the students realized that they wouldn’t eliminate the problem completely which is why they distributed eco-friendly pads so as to minimize waste. These pads are re-usable and can be used for a minimum of 2 years.

The team of Phullu, an upcoming film based on sanitary pads also joined Team Talaash and distributed these pads. Sunny Sanap was present on both days and also participated in the workshop organised by the team. He was very keen on distributing these pads to the women in dire need.

A Team Talaash Volunteer Conducting The Sanitary Pad Workshop

After distributing these pads, Team Talaash spoke to these underprivileged women and asked them how this Sanitary Pad workshop helped them to which the common feedback was that the women felt very nice because it was an interactive session. They learned not only how to use these pads but also aspects related to hygiene. They would make full use of it and were thankful to the students and sponsors.

The event witnessed the presence of dignitaries like Jyotsna Mehta, Minal Patel and other such eminent personalities.

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