Nana Patekar Signature Dish Finds Itself On Menu Of A Top Restaurant Chain

He is a Bollywood and theatre actor beyond compare, but few know that Nana Patekar is a complete foodie and has his own Nana Patekar Signature Dish. As industry insiders and they will tell you that Nana can cook for almost 150 people on his own and a  mutton dish is his speciality. During outdoors, Nana often cooks once a special meal for the entire unit.

One of Nana’s favourite restaurant is April Rain in Pune, where he is a regular, often seen mingling with the staff and even joining the cooks to make his favourite dish – Prawns. His recipe is now on the menu! “We have added the prawn dish with his making style on our menu as ‘Nana Prawns’ and it has become very popular,” explained Chef Milind Sovani, the man behind April Rain.

Yesterday, Nana entered Sovani’s kitchen and prepared a paneer dish with me , as his sister is vegetarian.”He is so humble, that he picked up the paneer dish himself and carried it to his table to serve his sister,” stated Chef Sovani.