Nohbo Eco-Friendly Shampoo Balls Could Help Planet Earth

Image Courtesy: Nohbo

Plastic is one the most polluting element on earth and here is how Nobho is trying to get rid of it.

Nohbo is the world’s first eco-friendly shampoo ball which is completely waste-free. These shampoo balls are biodegradable for single-use personal care.Incidentally, Nohbo balls are plant-based and made without the use of harsh chemicals or formulas and also packaged with plant-based materials, making them 100% waste-free. This means no more bulky plastic shampoo bottles and shampoo sachets. The possibilities are endless with Nohbo if it could make similar products for conditioners, body washes, and shaving cream balls!

Let’s hope this idea becomes a huge success and we could use this as an alternative for a lot more products.