One Lakh Down, One Lakh Notebooks To Go: Bus To Mokhada Needs Your Support

India Pages Supports ‘Youth For People’ In This Social Cause: Notebook Donation Drive 2016

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Schools have re-opened. and kids in the city are happily catching their school buses, off to their classrooms, with their bundle of books and stationery. But head to Jawhaar district, not too far from Nasik, and the story is completely different. In stark contrast, kids are walking nearly two kilometres one way, everyday, to schools where the same space of the so-called “classroom” doubles up as the principal’s office and staff room.

Many classrooms don’t have benches, so the kids manage on the floor and they have to carry drinking water from home, since there is no provision of drinking water there. Under the law “Right to Education” students are provided with uniforms, text-books and mid-day meals. but no notebooks or stationery. Often parents are compelled to withdraw the child from school and they never return.

The NGO ‘Aarohan’ which has been based on-site in Mokhada, and working with the locals, a primarily farming or tribal community. Cases of alcoholism, school dropouts, child marriage and abuse are slowly being dealt with, via counselling and prompt action.

“Giving is an AWESOME feeling”

In 2014, a bunch of young professionals from fields as diverse as Radio, Advertising, Marketing, Screenplay Writing, Teaching and Social Work put their heads and hearts together to help the children of Mokhada. The Notebook Donation Drive was born under the umbrella of the non-profit Youth For People, run by Dipesh Tank.

Their mission: They decided to provide each child a whole year’s supply of notebooks, so that they stay on in school one more year.

The group garnered support from friends and family, via social media and simultaneously found a manufacturer who would supply a dozen books at just rupees 100/-, which is less than a cup of coffee at your nearest cafe.

July that year,the “Bus To Mokhada” left with a truckload of joy for these tribal kids. It is 155 kms away from Mumbai, on the outskirts of Nasik (Maharashtra). Primarily a population of scheduled tribes, there are more than 11,500 kids attending school. The adjacent region is Jawhar

The outcome: 65,000 books were given away to more than ten thousand smiling primary and secondary school children in 2014.

What then?: In 2015 the number of beneficiaries grew and 1,15,000 books and writing stationery was gifted to the kids.

Now, in 2016, the target is two lakh notebooks so that nearly forty thousand children can stay back in school for one more year. The target has reached the 50% mark and is now turning to you.

How much?: A hundred rupees from you could buy 12 notebooks for tribal children. The group needs to collect another ten lakhs to buy one lakh more notebooks.

How?: The team is once again using the platform of social media to fill the missing amount and is hoping to reach that target by June 30, 2016.

Bus To Mokhada on its way: When contacted, the team of Youth For People assured us that they would be happy to have as many people join them on the “Bus To Mokhada” on July 2, 2016, when the books will finally be distributed.

We at India Pages echo their sentiments when they say “Giving is an AWESOME feeling” and would urge you to pledge some books TODAY. We are doing the same too…

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