P. D. Hinduja Hospital Signs LOI With The Division of U.S. Department Of Health To Establish A Center Of Excellence For Infectious Disease Research In India

Pic 1 Dr. Carl Dieffenbach, Director, The Division of AIDS (NIAID, NIH) and Mr. Gautam Khanna, CEO, PD Hinduja Hospital and MRC

P.D. Hinduja Hospital & Medical Research Centre, Mumbai today signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) with The Division of AIDS, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National Institutes of Health, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services with a pledge to address the growing burden of infectious diseases like TB and HIV. This LOI between the two entities will facilitate strengthening of clinical research capabilities in India through concerted training and research activities.

Talking about the overall objective of this agreement, Ms. Vinoo Hinduja, Managing Trustee, P.D. Hinduja Hospital & Medical Research Centre said, “This is a moment of pride for both Institutes NIH and us laying the foundation of partnering and gifting to the world a platform of US/INDO scientists working together to transform healthcare in six core disease areas – Cardiac Sciences, Neuroscience and Mental Health, Diabetes, Pulmonary Medicine, Oncology and Musculoskeletal/Trauma along with Infectious and chronic diseases. Our team’s research work and globally recognised achievements in the field of TB, from research – based TB rapid diagnosis to successful treatment of MDR / XDR /TDRTB patients has proven the importance and connection between research and diagnosis. Now we are taking a step further to bring contributors to the subject of TB together under one roof along with The
Division of AIDS (NIAID, NIH).”

P.P Hinduja, Founder Member , P.D. Hinduja Hospital & MRC said, ”In the opening day of workshop “Advancing TB Research – an Exploration of Opportunities”, I am congratulating organisers of the workshop and thanking participants, including representatives of NIH and WHO for their presence and readiness to contribute to the successful outcomes of this workshop. TB is one of greatest India’s health challenges, as India is home to more people ill with TB than any other country. Ending TB can be only achieved only through multidisciplinary approach and with greater collaboration within and across governments, and with partners form civil society, communities, researchers and the private sector. I am glad that the Hinduja Hospital is actively taking part in this collaboration and thus directly contributing to the campaign for a TB-Free India.”

Commenting on the partnership, Mr. Gautam Khanna, CEO, PD Hinduja Hospital and Medical Research Centre said, “This is indeed a historic day for us at PD Hinduja Hospital and Medical Research Centre, as we initiate a promising start with The Division of AIDS (NIAID, NIH) for launching a Center of Excellence for Infectious disease research. PD Hinduja Hospital along with our dedicated teams of researchers, clinicians and management has played a vital role in Tuberculosis research and policy development in India.”