Paytm Mall will empower your local shopkeepers to sell online products using QR Codes

Paytm Mall

Today 99% of all Indian commerce is done offline — that means more business is done in neighborhood shops, mandis and wholesale markets than on all of e-commerce combined. How great would it be if Paytm partnered with their huge offline merchant network to drive their footfalls online?

That’s exactly what Paytm has done — thousands of Paytm Partner stores can now start selling Samsung smartphones minus the hassles of inventory and logistics. Consumers can visit these neighborhood stores, scan the QR code using their Paytm or Paytm Mall app and order products online.

How does this help Paytm partners?

  1. Partners can sell products without investing in inventory or logistics.
  2. They can promise customers same-day deliveries.
  3. They can sell a variety of products in their stores, i.e. an apparel store can now sell electronics or groceries and vice-versa.

This is how it works-

Now the inevitable question — what’s the point of this?

The goal is to enable customers transact online and offline easily. This assisted commerce model will transform regular businesses. Imagine, an apparel salesman will now be able to sell electronics or groceries, and vice versa. The possibilities are endless.


1. Where will I land after scanning the QR Code?
Scanning the QR Code at the Paytm Partner store would lead you to the device page on the Paytm Mall.

2. Can I pay cash on delivery in this model?
You can pay online using your Paytm Wallet, Debit/Credit Card, Netbanking or Cash on Delivery.

3. How much will I earn if I host a QR Code in my shop?
You would earn a percentage margin on each purchase made after scanning his/her QR code. This margin will vary between 3–20% based on the product you’re selling.

4. I want to sell other products. What other options are available to me?
We are working with other brands to bring this first-of-its kind sales model to other categories soon.