Petition On To Safeguard Stolen Mobiles – Join In

Kakar’s petition is already Trending on the net and now has 14,109  supporters

Please “sign this petition to ask TRAI and Minister of Telecommunications to start an SMS service to Block / unblock your own phone by using the IMIE code and make India a better place,” requests Bhubaneswar resident Rohit Kakar. He is Petitioning TRAI Chairman and the Minister of Telecommunications through, an online petitioning site to ensure that stolen phones are not misused.

He says that ‘there is a facility to send one SMS to block your phone, preventing thieves from using it. He is asking TRAI to implement this feature in India’. According to his petition “Phones are stolen and there is no way to recover them. Filing an FIR does not work as the police too are overburdened to investigate these petty thefts. Usually a person who has lost a phone has to forget the old phone and buy a new phone.”

“Citizens of Philippines have a service in which they can block their own phone by sending an SMS. This will make the phone unusable for others and recoverable only by you. So less phones get stolen. This process is easy, citizen friendly and does not involve the police,” he adds.

Kakar’s petition is already Trending on the net and now has 14,109  supporters. Says Abhishek Bhatnagar of Lucknow “I’m signing bcoz i have experienced the pain of losing my phone and tremendous problem in getting an FIR at police stations.”

Another signatory Gopakumar PG of Bangalore says “I think practically it’s not possible to lock a phone without a 3rd party app. TRAI can implement a new feature to block your SIM by sending SMS to provider using a predefined PIN.”

The petition now needs 891 to reach 15,000 mark or much more, so that it can be forwarded to TRAI and the Minister of Telecommunications.

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