The Probable Future – February 2018

Wondering what is likely to unfold in the realm of your relationship this month?  Let’s turn to the ancient oracles – the runes and the tarot to glimpse the future trend.


You are likely to experience a lot of vacillation in the matters of the heart.  Perhaps you may have so many other things on your mind that love will be the furthest from it.  You can make the most of the energies around you by letting go of control and expecting only the good to unfold.


A challenging time for a key relationship in your life is indicated.  A very rational, analytical or cold person/energy/surrounding you, may influence you to or directly create a distance between you and the one you love.  Remembering at all times that you are responsible for your choices and making appropriate ones will help.


Chances are strong that you will desire a supportive relationship based on love, commitment, honesty and integrity and will be weighing a crucial relationship to see if it measures up.  If it does you will like to sustain it.  If it does not, you will like to drop it.


It appears as far as relationships are concerned, you are likely to be nostalgic, looking back on the past and the way things were.  You will be able to empower your key relationship by being in the present and making efforts to restore intimacy between you.


It is a period to celebrate meaningful relationships in your life.  You shall make the most of the Universe’s positive energy available to you now, if regardless of the challenges you may be facing, you make the time to appreciate and celebrate the blessings the relationship holds.


You may face disappointing or frustrating situations and conditions in your relationship this month.  But if you persevere in spite of the trials you may have to endure and resist trying to force results, then you will be grateful for the manifestation of fortunate adjustment in this sphere.


Someone may light up your life and if there is no one special now, you will attract romance.  It will do immense good to your relationship if you bring your unspoken expectation into the light of agreement and strengthen mutual trust.


In relationships, you may be anxious about how things will turn out in the future.  Emotionally, you are likely to feel very impressionable or sensitive.  If you remain committed chances are strong you will overcome any obstacles in the path this month.


Now is the time to consider the quality of the trust you share.  Sometimes, damaged trust can be repaired.  Sometimes it cannot.  Perhaps, you need to give up some material attachment to restore balance in a special relationship.


A declaration of love or affection is probably on its way to you!  It could take you by surprise and in all likelihood stir a storm in your existing relationships.  ‘Mutual respect’ is the password for you to ease off tensions and gain renewed clarity into the situation.


It is very likely to be a healing phase in matters of the heart, emotions and relationships for you.  Perhaps, you will no longer accept what was and be open to even take a divorce or end the relationship in order to restore health and peace in this area of your life.


It is a period of deep reflection upon troubling situations and challenges in your relationships.  If you are receptive, patient and gentle, then chances are very strong that tensions and misunderstandings will be resolved.  Perhaps then, it could lead to- further strengthening of an existing relationship, marriage or live- in-arrangement.

About The Runes:

Runes are the alphabet of the ancients.  Considered sacred, magical and mystical since centuries, the alphabet is believed to provide valuable insights and guidance for timely appropriate action concerning various issues that one may come across in one’s journey on earth.

About The Tarot:

For hundreds of years, the Tarot – a deck of 78 illustrated cards, has been a system of divination.  No one really knows how or why it works, but it is long held that if we can ‘tune in’ to the vibrations of the cards, we can gain access to a deeper understanding of ourselves, the people and events involved in our lives.

About The Authors:

Shahin Ashraf Ali, by profession is an author of children’s books, free-lance journalist and teacher.  By passion, she teaches the art of reading the sacred and ancient oracles – runes, tarot & playing cards, among others.

Smita Mehta, is professionally involved with American diamond jewelry.

She is passionate about reading the runes, the tarot and the ordinary deck of playing cards to help people arrive at probable solution to stressful situations.

Neelkanth Joshi is a professional structural engineer.  Having personally experienced the ancient oracular wisdom, he is honing his skills in the art of reading the spiritual tools – Runes and cards.  Neelkanth is passionate about his “Common sense space energy readings & suggestions” lectures peppered with DIYs that draw from the wisdom of our ancients.

About the Author

Shahin, Smita & Neelkanth