Ratan Tata Bats For Fight Against Malaria

It’s ‘World Malaria Day’ today and guess who has stood up to lend a shoulder in the fight against it?  It’s none other than India’s most respected citizen: Ratan Tata. That malaria is posing a serious threat to lives is well known, but not many have taken it seriously. Not even, despite the fact that in 2015, there were 214 million cases, and 438 000 deaths from Malaria.

Ratan Tata facebook screen shot

So when Ratan Tata took up cudgels in support of the ‘End Malaria’ campaign by posting this –“ Malaria is a dreaded disease. We can #EndMalariaForGood if we empower our communities’ #WorldMalariaDay #TransformingLives #SDGs #GoodHealth – on his Facebook timeline, we were impressed.


Impressed because we believe his standing, his following  and his views are well conceived and more than that, well accepted in Indian society. Therefore it could result in putting more resources to curb this life taking menace.

So far tireless efforts by various NGOs and the WHO have yielded good results. Says the World Health Organization “We have made good progress in the last 15 years, including: recording a

-60% drop in malaria deaths
-37% drop in new cases
-65% drop in deaths among children under 5

But that is not enough. The WHO has vowed to eliminate malaria from 35 countries by 2030. That won’t be easy. It is an ambitious goal, but it is achievable. More so, if Ratan Tata and his likes stand behind in support,