Real Madrid Named Most Valuable Football Team By Forbes.

Real Madrid was today announced as the most valued football team in its 2016 list of the World’s Most Valuable Soccer Teams.  Real Madrid was valued at $3.6 billion. This makes Madrid the most valuable team for the Fourth consecutive year.

Barcelona comes in second on the list being valued at $3.5 billion, whereas Manchester United ranks No.3 on the list, valued at $3.3 billion. This makes the top 3 teams valued at around $10.51 billion which are more than 1/3 the value of all the 20 teams on the list.

The team which is least valued on the list is Newcastle United which is valued at $383 million. The total value of all the teams combined comes up to $28.803 billion.

The top 20 teams are worth an average of $1.44 billion, an increase of 24% over last year. This is because of  lucrative television deals.

Check out the complete list here.