Registrar General Releases Census 2011 Data

The Registrar General of India has released Census 2011 data on Households by religion, Sex of head of household and household size.

Table HH-7 on Households by religion, sex  of head of household and household size reveals the percentage of households to total households in main six religious communities as follows:


Religious Communities Total no. of households             (in million) Percentage to Total households
1 2 3
Total Households 248.8 100.0
Hindu 202.4 81.3
Muslim 31.2 12.5
Christian 6.3 2.5
Sikh 4.1 1.7
Buddhist 1.9 0.7
Jain 0.9 0.4

As ‘religion not stated’ and ‘Others’ are not included, so total will not tally.

The highest percentage of female headed households is noticed in Christian Community (17.4%) followed by Buddhist (15.9%). The lowest percentage of female headed households is in Jain community (11.5%).

As observed from the graph below, the average households size is higher in male headed households as compared to female headed households in all the religious communities.

RGI Consencus data


Sex wise variation is highest among Hindu community (Male headed HH size 4.9, Female headed HH size 3.8) and the least variation is seen among Sikh community (Male headed HH size 5.1, Female headed HH size 4.6).

The data are available on Office of the Registrar General and Census Commissioner  website