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The news all over is that the monsoon is going to hit Maharashtra a week later than schedule has left the entire population of the state gasping and sighing. Literally too, because a delayed monsoon is the last thing this state can afford. More so after reading about the drought hit farmer suicides almost every day. While the average person is left wondering – “What can we do about this? It’s the government’s responsibility!” several citizens have generously sponsored water tankers for these villages and one group of youngsters has already raised funds for rebuilding the dilapidated canal of Walkhed.

Picture courtesy: The Spiritual Company

Picture courtesy: The Spiritual Company

But these are temporary solutions. We all know that with the savage destruction of forests, the planet and its ecosystem are getting affected. The earth needs to be repaired, restored and healed and that’s precisely what alternative healers spread across the world have started doing. They are sending prayers and healing energy for an abundant monsoon. Reiki is one such form of alternate healing energy that they are channeling towards the earth.

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Many are familiar with Reiki, a non-religious, universal healing energy that can be channeled through anybody who has initiated into it. The Reiki practitioner can, after the 2nd level, send healing from a distance and visible healing takes place. Those have experience Reiki know that it is as powerful as it is magical, and yet gentle.

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Reiki teacher Prasad Karmarkar of The Spiritual Company had been encouraging his students to send Reiki for an abundant monsoon, each night between 10.30 and 10.40 p.m. He then decided to use the ‘energy of social media’ to connect to other Reiki healers across the world, who could join in this incredible healing phenomenon, each night, no matter where they were in the world.

This led to the creation of a Facebook event “Reiki 4 Rains” – a simple call for action that anyone who is a Reiki practioner can answer to. Those who have not initiated can also participate by sitting down in their own quiet space at that time, and visualizing abundant rainfall quenching the thirst of the soil and lush green trees springing up. Everyone has also been reminded to be mindful of the water they use, so that there is practical action backing up this process.

Reiki initiates can log on to the page and participate

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