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Sachin A Billion Dreams Movie Review

A 16-year-old boy walks into the cricket stadium with a dream to play for his country and make his people proud; little did he know that he would one day become a legend.

In India, cricket is not just a sport, it’s a religion and the master blaster, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is the most powerful GOD of them all!

The film starts with a glimpse of Sachin’s happiest moment. No, it isn’t the World Cup, nor is it his record breaking 100 international centuries. The happiest moment of the master blaster’s life is the birth of his two diamonds, as he terms them- his children, Sara and Arjun. This in itself gives you an idea that the film is about finding the real Sachin Tendulkar.

Soon the audience is introduced to little Sachin who is mischievous and has a twinkle in his eye. And that’s just the beginning of the story of the legendary cricketer. This is his journey!

It doesn’t really matter whether you are a Sachin fan or not, by the end of this film you will understand what makes Sachin the greatest batsman of all time. What makes it even more entertaining is the fact that this isn’t just about Sachin – an iconic cricketer, it’s about his childhood, his family, and the billions of Indians who adore him.

Unlike recent sports biopics, this film is a documentary with real-time footage, giving it an original and authentic feel. This film doesn’t require any Bollywood stars to narrate this story because you have Sachin Tendulkar on that 70mm screen talking to you, sharing his personal story. The whole concept gives it a very personal feel. It’s just Sachin…you and a million other Indians who love him just the way you do.

Sachin Is Not A Hero Or An Icon……..For Indians, Sachin Is A Feeling!

There is not a single Indian who won’t agree with this statement. Like many cricketers, Sachin isn’t just some icon you admire or a hero you like. Sachin is a feeling that binds millions of Indians together. When the Master Blaster walks on to the cricket pitch, one can hear everyone cheering, “Sachin…..Sachin”. Yes, that’s what Sachin is for an Indian, a man who unites the entire country.

The first time Sachin hits a shot in the film, it is such a beautiful moment. You can’t help but admire him for his sincerity and passion. That scene is paired with AR Rahman’s anthem song, giving it some much required ‘feel’. When Sachin is happy….you are happy, when Sachin cries… cry. It’s a documentary that will take you on a rollercoaster ride. You will find tears running down your cheeks, you will smile and find yourself chanting, “Sachin, Sachin.”

This docu-drama gives us an insight into the life of a man’s who has always remained very private. From his parents and bonding with his siblings to falling in love with Anjali Tendulkar….you find out a lot about him. For Sachin, cricket was everything, nothing even came close, not even his family. He shows you his cricket kit and tells you about what goes into his mind when he is preparing for a match. Hearing him narrating his story, you feel so much closer to him.

Sachin is someone who is very simple, humble and there is no one like him. Sachin gave India hope. Sachin and the Indian team gave our country something to be proud of. It was one thing that every Indian looked forward too without any self-gain. Now I understand what made billions of Indian go crazy for him every time his bat hit a ‘six’ and every time he scored a century.

England cricketer Nasser Hussain says in the film, “When Tendulkar is quiet, the nation is quiet,” and you truly get a glimpse of it. He is the person every Indian looks up too. When Sachin leaves the pitch, crowds will inevitably cheer. When you talk about cricket, Sachin is the origin of most conversations. The director shows what Sachin felt every time he failed and it truly is heart-breaking. For Sachin cricket wasn’t just about him, it was about his people and the country. But, no matter what happens, Sachin rises up again and again, proving that nothing is impossible.

Sachin might not be an actor but totally knows how to engage viewers and move them with his story-telling. You’ll feel emotional when he remembers his dad. His retirement speech and when he talks about his wife Anjali is the moment that will really overwhelm you.

His journey of 24 years isn’t just about his success but also about his failures and that’s what makes it such a great watch. When Sachin fails and rises like a phoenix, it is an inspirational moment.

Do yourself a favour this week, go and watch this film. I promise you won’t regret watching this docu-drama.

CAST: Sachin Tendulkar, Anjali Tendulkar, Mayuresh Pem

DIRECTION: James Erskine

DURATION: 2 hours 19 minutes

India Pages Rating: ★★★★

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