Samsung Notebook 9 Pen Review | Everything you need to know

Samsung Notebook 9 Pen

The new Samsung Notebook 9 Pen is a premium 2-in-1 PC with a built-in S Pen that allows users to reach their true creative potential. With its combined style, power, and portability, Notebook 9 Pen is perfect for users who want a device that adapts to the way they work, and need the flexibility to get more high quality work done.

Eye-catching Durable Design
The Notebook 9 Pen is built with an all-metal and aluminium frame to create a durable, stylish and portable device that can be taken anywhere. Crafted with care and attention to detail, it features an edge-to-edge diamond cut metal finish for a premium look and feel. Even with a full metal body, the Notebook 9 Pen has been designed to be a truly portable device, and can be brought wherever the work day takes you. And it comes in two new colors, vibrant Ocean Blue and pristine Platinum White, both of which complement its sophisticated design.

Like a Real Pen, But Better
With Notebook 9 Pen, it’s easier than ever to jot notes, draw and even control the PC with S Pen.  The S pen reacts the moment it touches the vibrant display—as if putting an actual pen to paper—thanks to reduced latency of up to 2x from the previous model. The S Pen options are also customizable, allowing you to swap in your choice of three different pen tips to get the drawing feel you prefer.

S Pen comes in the box, never needs to be charged and is stored directly into the PC. Sketch a scene. Take notes in a meeting. Diagram an idea. Your notes are saved instantly and can be shared and transported across the cloud. To further enhance your S Pen experience, you can download the Nebo Myscript App for a free three month trial that allows you to not only convert notes into digital text, but also convert hand- drawn charts and diagrams, into cleaner versions.

Top Performance and Immersive Entertainment
With the Notebook 9 Pen, premium design is coupled with powerful performance, thanks to its latest 8th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor. With fast-charging capabilities, you can quickly top-up to 15 hours of battery life. And with face and fingerprint log-in, you can easily pick up right where you left off. Notebook 9 Pen offers flexibility and speed with its expandable storage, two versatile Thunderbolt 3 ports, and next-generation Gigabit WiFi support.

For the ultimate entertainment experience, the display offers narrower bezels than its predecessor for a more immersive, full-screen experience, along with vibrant colors and brightness levels artists need to do their best work. Whether you’re working with music or taking a break with a movie, experience clear, pristine, studio-quality sound from speakers tuned by AKG. And with new ThunderAmp smart amplifier technology, you can smoothly increase the volume to the maximum capacity of the built-in stereo speakers up to 5 Watts each, and enjoy your favorite content without the need for external speakers.

The upgraded Notebook 9 Pen is available in Korea from December 14 and will expand to USA, China, Brazil, and Hong Kong starting in early 2019.

Notebook 9 Pen comes in 13”, for those who want a powerful, portable sketchbook, and 15”, for those who want a designer workstation that maximizes performance and screen real estate.