Screen Writers Association To Uphold Zero Tolerance Policy Towards Sexual Harassment

As a Trade Union with more than twenty-one thousand members, the Screen Writers Association (SWA) believes that gender/sexuality based violence, Sexual Harassment or discrimination is against the spirit of Article 21 of the Constitution of India, which espouses the basic Right to Livelihood for all Indian citizens. Thus, SWA upholds a ZERO TOLERANCE policy towards such behavior.

In a statement issued to the media, it says “We have received a formal complaint from our member Ms. Vinta Nanda, and we are committed to ensuring a fair investigation and to the deliverance of justice. We stand in solidarity with all victims of sexual harassment and encourage them to speak up”.

“Being a Trade Union, we are governed by labour laws and a constitution. However, within that framework and beyond, SWA’s Internal Committee will offer full support to any member who is facing such harassment /discrimination, irrespective of gender or sexuality.

Our Internal Committee is also working towards the creation of a meaningful policy agenda towards this end. We will also actively pursue effective programs that promote gender equality and gender sensitization in our industry.”

In the statement, it says “If you are a member of SWA  and experiencing gender discrimination or sexual harassment at workplace, please reach out to us at We promise that you will be heard with all sensitivity, and your case will be dealt with swiftly, with complete confidentiality”.

Clearly, the #MeToo moment promises to bring about the long needed cultural change within the entertainment industry and society as a whole.

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