Shahrukh Khan Gets Into A Book

Author, filmmaker Samar Khan has come up with a 70 mm, no not movie, but a book on Badshah Shahrukh Khan. The book lives up to the status of the star . Published by Niyogi Books its priced at Rs 5000, is hardbound and large in size .


‘SRK 25 years’ of Life’ is about the journey of the young Shahrukh Khan completing 25 years in Films. Here his directors are talking about their experiences of working with the actor, which itself is a great idea and not easy thing to do .

Says Samar in the book “once when I was waiting for Shahrukh at San Francisco while  making a documentary on him, he came dressed in a white T-shirt and jeans and said something which stayed with me ever since”.  He said “I leave a part of me in every film. A  part of my soul stays behind, even if its just one percent”.  This is what stayed with the author and at the end of spending 65 days shooting a documentary on him,  he decided to do this book based on the characters Shahrukh Khan played in his films.


Says Hema Malini about Shahrukh “Our relationship is based on mutual respect for each other, as people and as artists .He worked with me when he was 24/25 in my first directorial ‘Dil Aashiana hai’ . I remember seeing him on TV in Umeed and Circus and thought he had these really large soulful eyes .He isn’t exceptionally good looking, but there is something about his eyes that speaks to you .I think that’s the best thing that can happen to an actor . When I met him for the first time in my van I thought he was sweet little earnest boy with large expressive eyes that could melt your heart. They have got this burning anxiety . The constant need to do something new , achieve something .They are very restless eyes .They have got so much energy and passion that its difficult to look away. Shahrukh’s eyes are stormy and that’s what made me sign him” she confesses.

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