Shahrukh, Stardom Aur Saazish – FAN Disappoints Fans

Who’s getting Shahrukh to sign all these films in recent times?? Because to a “Fan” (literally), it smells like sabotage!!

The biggest star after Mr. Bachchan, SRK is also considered an actor with the finest business acumen in the industry. He makes all the right moves when it comes to merchandising, marketing and promotions … but why is he picking the wrong scripts?

Whether it was RaOne, Jab Tak Hai Jaan, Happy New Year, Dilwale or now Fan …. they’re way off the mark and a complete disappointment to anyone who loves shudh, desi Bollywood Masala films with SRK playing the lead.

Released in Dubai already, the much awaited FAN has all the ingredients for becoming a perfect Box Office blockbuster:
1 Yash Raj Films as producer
1 Writer Habib Faisal (Do Dooni Chaar, Band, Baaja, Baarat, Ishaqzaade)
1 Director Maneesh Sharma (“Band, Baaja, Baarat”)
1 song “Jabra Fan” which caught on quickly with the audiences
1 pair of music composers Vishal-Shekhar, who rarely go wrong

and most importantly ….

2 Shahrukh Khans!!

But the recipe just seems to have been cooked haphazardly, by chefs who got a tad bit over-confident.

A die-hard fan of SRK, who never misses first-day, first-show called from Dubai as soon as he saw the film, and said he was catching the next flight to Mumbai, to meet his hero in person. The only catch is … he doesn’t want to seem like Gaurav Chanana, the antagonist of FAN!!

So what’s a fan’s take on the film? Here’s what we understand from his conversation:

The trailers were promising a quirky tale of a superstar and an obsessed, look-alike fan, but the actual story goes awry and illogical quickly once you start watching. A great set-up crumbles …

The story takes off with superstar Aryan and his look-alike fan Gaurav, who decides to come to Bombay to meet him. Disappointed by his hero, he ends up stalking and hounding him. Reminiscent of another Yashraj film, “DARR”, the film then turns dark and takes a whole lot of cinematic liberties, expecting you to believe that even a superstar like Aryan is left to his own devices, trying to deal with a maniacal fan wherever he goes.

How come the cops don’t come to help him? How come his security guards don’t spot the look-alike as he wanders in and out of places, unnoticed?

Shahrukh puts in a credible performance and if you’re watching it till the end, you’re an ‘asli fan’!! You also get a little glimpse of Madame Tussaud’s while you’re munching popcorn. But then what?

The producers have strategised the release perfectly and are going to take home their investments back: FAN hits the screens Friday morning, during the long weekend, the tickets are already priced exorbitantly and the only other film to really compete with, is Rudyard Kipling’s JUNGLE BOOK. On paper, the film might still make the 100+ crores … but what makes a good film is a well-narrated story.

Is that here? Ummm … not really … So much potential just got wasted …

Let’s bring in new chefs to concoct better recipes with our favourite ingredient SRK!!! What say??

IndiaPages Rating: ★★

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