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Sindhutai Sapkal's Orphanages To Stay, Thanks To Public Outcry - Indiapages

Sindhutai Sapkal’s Orphanages To Stay, Thanks To Public Outcry

Picture Courtesy: Change.org

Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavia Instructs officials to grant permission to Sindhutai Sapkal’s orphanages

“It is wonderful to know that Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has come forward to strongly support Mai Sindhutai Sapkal, an iconic personality who is “Mai’ or mother to over 1000 orphans”, says journalist Sucheta Dalal, who ran an unrelentless campaign for Sindhutai Sapkal, also called Mai by the 1000s of children who she has helped raise through her numerous orphanages across Maharashtra, which was being asked to shut down by the state government.

Infact, her petition on change.org saw across the board support, with over 20,000 people signing up. Now, the CM’s office has tweeted that he ‘strictly instructed the concerned officials to grant permission to Sindhutai Sapkal’s orphanages’.

Sucheta Dalal“This victory is important to 20,000 and more of us who signed the petition for several reasons”, says Sucheta, adding” To me, the biggest plus is that the government has been so responsive! Let me share the details. Almost immediately after I sent the change.org petition to him, Minister Piyush Goyal called, asked for details and assured me he would take up the issue”.

“This encouraged me to send the petition to Mrs Amruta Fadnavis, the Hon. CM’s wife. Her responded immediately and said she would bring it to the Chief Minister’s attention. Later she updated me to say that the CM had promised to ensure that Sindhutai would not be harassed. Meanwhile, I was surprised and delighted to see Union Women and Child Development Minister Maneka Gandhi respond to the petition in a tweet to say, “She had asked the state government to intervene in the issue”.

The media has been a big help. PTI took forward the story of our petition, that was based on a column by Vinita Deshmukh, our Consulting Editor at Moneylife and Pune’s well know activist Vijay Kumbhar, who is always such a leader in taking up social causes.

“The change.org team of Arpan and Durga have been wonderfully supportive.But best of all, I am delighted that this is a government that has responded so quickly, when gross injustice was pointed out forcefully. Mrs Maneka Gandhi says is well in a message “We need to come together every time some injustice is done to any being so that people in power can respond”. This gives us all a lot of hope!”, she said.

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