Sonam Kapoor defends herself after Kangana Ranaut tries to ‘demolish’ her image

As horrifying stories unfold within Bollywood and its public figures, the #MeToo revolution is just around the corner and now being supported by the several artists from the industry.

Sonam Kapoor recently attended Vogue We The Women summit and spoke against the accusations made by actress Kangana Ranaut who on her Queen director for harassment on the film sets in 2014. While Kangana did not appreciate her contemporary’s remarks on her character, she threatened to ‘demolish’ Kapoor’s image in the fraternity.

A disturbed Kapoor took to Instagram to clarify her statement. She posted, “Women need to stand together! Irresponsible media have misquoted me or taken my quote out of context and made other women react. All I want to say is that all I have is compassion and love for you. I’m proud of where I come from and so should every other woman or man. Let’s stand together and speak up. Let’s not pull each other down with bitterness and negativity. Love is always the answer.”

She even shared her thought as an Instagram story which read, ‘So people are trying to trivialise this movement and make it into a cat fight. (How ****ing sexist) Please be responsible and look beyond over emotional reactions and see what was actually said. Be responsible! Peoples lives are on the line!’

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