Sprimo Personal Air Monitor : A Tiny Air Quality Detector For Your Phone

Sprimo Personal Air Monitor

The Sprimo Personal Air Monitor senses airborne toxins and chemicals, as well as temperature and humidity, and gives you a real-time air quality score — anywhere.

World’s Smallest Air Quality Detector

It’s easily portable to give you peace of mind about the air you’re breathing wherever you go.

Sprimo Helps Protect You From Toxins

Now you can check the air for VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in your office, home or your child’s bedroom to give you peace of mind.

Sprimo Uses an Industry Standard Air Quality Score

The Personal Air Monitor makes for a great air quality detector for general use, sensing a variety of VOCs to mathematically generate an easy-to-read Air Quality Score, based on the Industry Standard for Air Quality

How This Information Benefits You

Sprimo helps you know when you are in a dirty or clean air environment. With the information in hand (literally), you can make choices and take actions to live a healthier, longer life, such as:

  • Detect leaking paints and solvents and avoid using products that emit volatile organic compounds and gasses
  • Quantifiably detect unwanted gasses when your nose can’t
  • Avoid environments with poor air quality
  • Choose one restaurant with cleaner air over another
  • Stay at hotel with better air in the rooms over another
  • Improve fresh airflow in rooms with low air quality scores by opening windows for fresh air and ventilation
  • Remove unhealthy sources of indoor air pollution
  • Recognize when to use an air purifier to filter your air
  • Reduce health risks

Product Highlights

  • Keychain sized. No extra cable or battery required.
  • Made of durable, high-impact ABS plastic and stainless steel.
  • Integrated Apple-certified lightning connector and cutting edge gas detector technology able to detect thousands of volatile organic compounds
  • Plug and Play: Insert in the Sprimo Personal Air Monitor and start getting air quality readings right away.
  • Fully compatible with iPhone. (Android is coming later this year)
  • Interactive mapping of local and regional air quality readings.

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