Stethee: Smart Stethoscope That Lets You Listen, See & Feel a Heartbeat In Your Hand.

Image Courtesy: Stethee

The stethoscope hasn’t been updated in 200 years and Dr. Nayyar Hussain has an idea how to do it.

Stethee lets you easily track & monitor your heart & body sounds at home. Understand & manage your health better! This is the first device in the world, that allows you to Listen, See & Feel a heartbeat.



When paired to your phone or to a Bluetooth headset, this product streams high-quality audio of your heart, lung and other body sounds.



The LED ring lets one visualise pulsing of the heart. The colour lets you know if everything is ok or if attention is required.



The vibration mechanism lets one feel the force and power of the heart beating in your hand.

The Stethee App


Of course, you can use Stethee just like a traditional stethoscope, or you can choose to pair it to your mobile device.

The free app lets you easily understand your heart and body sounds. It also lets you track and share this vital information.


Stethee can analyse your heart  and body sounds over a time period. It can also compare your heart sounds with that of your father, mother or grandparents. This is especially important for people with a family of heart and lung problems.