Your Sun Sign Readings For June Based On Runes And Playing Cards

Sun Sign Readings For June

Runes are the alphabet of the ancients.  Considered sacred, magical and mystical the alphabet is believed to provide valuable insights and guidance for timely appropriate action concerning myriad issues.  Also, since centuries, the ordinary deck of playing cards in your house has been used to divine the future. Sacred Circle reveals the Sun Sign Readings For June based on the joint commentary of these two spiritual oracles.


It is very likely that something very nice and perhaps unexpected shall happen in your emotional realm.  The cliché ‘love is in the air’ may well surmise the energies surrounding you this month.  To make the most of this period, you are counseled to consciously choose positive thoughts.   Perhaps you may find it easier to resolve long pending issues of anger and unforgiveness this month.


In most probability, it is likely to be a very fortunate month for you.  At this point of your life, you can experience for yourself the long-held spiritual belief – “Ask and you shall receive,” and “According to your faith it is done unto you.”  Go on, check your ‘Faith’ quotient;  do what it takes to manifest your noble desires.


There is a promise of a new beginning in some area of your life that is very likely to impact you emotionally in an extremely positive way.  Be alert to openings, opportunities, and chance encounters.  You are reminded to listen to your heart, to those you love and to the still small voice that always speaks with Love to make the most of this period.


You are forewarned.  Chances are strong that you may make a mountain of a molehill and create difficulties and obstacles in your life path during the month.  Beware.  Ungratefulness may well be your undoing this June.  Consciously adopt an attitude of gratitude or choose to live a life of gratitude.  Count your blessings to counter any negativity coming from within or outside you.


The Positive Energies coming your way last month continue to do so in June too.  You are still in a space where you knock and it shall be opened!  Yes.  Chances are very strong you are in a period when prayers will be fulfilled.  You are counseled not to let the shadows of the past cast a gloom on the brilliance of today.  Live in the NOW.


The predominant energy influencing you this month is likely to be very goal driven and logical.  Hard work is likely to be recognized and rewarded.  Nonetheless, while facing or resolving an issue, you are counseled to let go of your need to control the present situation and advised to release any past experience that continues to trouble you.


You are very likely to face a situation, circumstances or person at odds with your energies.  You are advised to take care of your interests first. It is time for you to draw lines and set limits. Create safe boundaries for yourself and operate within it.  At the same time respect, another’s boundaries.


You are likely to be overwhelmed by the feeling of ‘being stuck in the rut,’ this month.  Consider if guilt is the prime factor inhibiting you from getting out of a situation you no longer wish to be in.  Seek friendly or professional counsel to take charge of your life and live it to your highest potential.  It is timely and appropriate to do so now.


Challenges of responsibility may stress or drain you during this month.  However, this is not the time to make drastic changes or shifts.  The Oracle puts you on alert that perhaps you are less than sensitive to the grief of someone very close to you.  It will do you good to honor your karmic responsibilities with grace and virtue.


An extremely fortunate phase is likely to unfold for you.  Keep your faith firm and make the most of it.  If financial troubles have been weighing you down, then chances are strong that your burdens will be lifted.  Other material conveniences and comforts too could somehow come within your reach.


You are now in the period of time when you need to accept that you have been procrastinating in some area of your life.  Deeply reflect and inflect – what work needs to be completed; who or what needs to be forgiven; ….Know for sure once you complete what you ought to, you will make way for the positive Universe’s energy to flow into your life and make it better.


This month you may probably be engulfed in youthful emotional energy.  Be prepared then for the ebb and tide of the flow of such kind of energy in your life.  At times you may have to contend with shyness and distance.  At others, it will be the bliss of warmth, friendship, and fun. You are advised to deal with your sense of shame that often inhibits you from receiving the blessings of the Universe.

About The Authors

Sacred circle is a group of three professionals.  Shahin Ashraf Ali is an author of children’s books, free-lance journalist, and teacher.  By passion, she teaches the ancient art of reading the sacred oracles – runes, tarot & playing cards, among others.  Smita Mehta is professionally involved with American diamond jewelry.  She is passionate about reading the runes, the tarot and the ordinary deck of playing cards to help people arrive at a probable solution to stressful situations.  Neelkanth Joshi is a professional structural engineer.  He is passionate about his “Common sense space energy readings & suggestions” lectures peppered with DIYs that draw from the wisdom of ancient oracles. You can reach the authors by email –

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