Your Sun-Sign Readings For May Through The Ancient And Curious Tool – Playing Cards

Horoscope through Playing Cards

The ordinary deck of playing cards in your house is a spiritual tool. Or so believe scores of people across the globe. Since centuries it has been used to divine the future, Centuries ago, the deck of cards you use to play rummy, solitaire, bluff or what have you, originated as a tool to divine the future. It continues to be used as a spiritual tool across the world even today. Many of those initiated into the art of reading the playing cards believe it is an easy, entertaining way to uncover what the future holds, what energy surrounds one at a given point of time or simply to find what to do concerning an issue!

Sacred Circle reveals what is on the cards for the month of May for each sun sign.

It is likely to be a fortunate month for you. Your talent for making money may find encouraging expression. Outgoing, active, positive and fun vibrations are coming your way. Be alert to the optimistic flow of life within and around you to make the most of this favorable period.

Believe it or not, you are in the phase that encourages 180 degrees (or more) change. Be bold, be courageous and be the change you wish. Deep within, you know what ought to be changed in your life to make it better – attitude, belief, diet, look, social circle, house…This may be the right time for you to initiate those changes.

This month you may probably be engulfed in youthful emotional energy. Be prepared then for the ebb and tide of the flow of such kind of energy in your life. At times you may have to contend with shyness and distance. At others, it will be the bliss of warmth, friendship, and fun.

The vibrations coming your way may well be resourceful, interesting and fun. But there is a reason for caution and care. While you may enjoy tuning into or harnessing such vibrations, at the end of the day it may leave you feeling very shallow. Make conscious choices.

You stand at a thresh hold where you knock and it shall be opened. You can choose to experience this for yourself and give testimony to the same in future. Yes. Chances are very strong you are in a period when prayers will be fulfilled. Just be careful what you ask for!

Expect something great to happen in your emotional realm. Those who are single or lonely may meet someone who may prove to be a significant support system in matters of the heart. It may be an intense period but a fortunate one.

This period is likely to be very significant for you when regardless of the kind of issue you face, a powerful energy is coming your way or emanating from within you. The ‘Vibrations’ urge you to make a difference in an unorthodox manner to heal the issue at hand.

You are now in the period of time when you may be thinking, “Why am I not achieving…?” whatever it is you are yearning for and feel you deserve. The cards reveal, perhaps it is because there is some work in an area of your life that needs to be completed first. Reflect very deeply upon this mystical message and act upon it to get your wish.

Most probably this may be a fortunate month for you. You shall be surrounded by energy that is active and favorable. Be alert and embrace the opportunities coming your way this month. If you have been thinking of adding to your material stock, then know, luck is on your side this month, PROVIDED your intention is noble.

Luck is very likely to favor you this month. Be tuned in to the rhythm of life now and you are unlikely to miss the beat to make the perfect move. A pressing issue that has been nagging you may move towards a resolution to your benefit.

A blessed phase has unfolded for you. Make the most of it. Listen to the impulses arising from the depth of your consciousness and give expression to these impulses in your material world. Choose to live from your Highest Potential now.

The energy surrounding you during this period will reward hard work, level-headedness and serious application of resources for desired outcomes. Gather your energy and put in your efforts with authority to achieve what you desire.


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Sacred Circle is a group of three professionals. Shahin Ashraf Ali is an author of children’s books, free-lance journalist, and teacher. By passion, she teaches the ancient art of reading the sacred oracles – runes, tarot & playing cards, among others. Smita Mehta is professionally involved with American diamond jewelry. She is passionate about reading the runes, the tarot and the ordinary deck of playing cards to help people arrive at a probable solution to stressful situations. Neelkanth Joshi is a professional structural engineer. He is passionate about his “Common sense space energy readings & suggestions” lectures peppered with DIYs that draw from the wisdom of ancient oracles. You can reach the authors by email –

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