World’s First Swivel Biopsy Test For Early Detection And Prevention Of Oral Cancer Launched

The world ‘s first swivel biopsy test for the early detection and prevention of oral cancer was launched at a spectacular event with Padmashri Syed Kirmani and U T Khader, Minister for Food and Public Distribution, Government of Karnataka, doing the honours, recently in Bengaluru. This swivel biopsy test is the brainchild of Dr Zahra Hussaini and ably supported by her team at C Test Medicals Pvt Ltd. The evening was brilliantly moderated by Viveck Shettyy, Motivational Speaker and Mystic.

Syed Kirmani, former Indian wicket keeper of the World Cup winning team in 1983, shared his experience of giving up smoking and the subsequent transformation that it brought about in his personal and professional life. He also applauded Dr Zahra Hussaini and team for their scientific innovation and pledged his support at every stage. U T Khader, Minister For Food and Public Distribution, Government of Karnataka, emphasized the need for a strong oral Heath policy and so also the need for disruptive innovation. To substantiate his point, he cited the example of a voice box developed by an individual and made available at a mere cost of Rupees Forty-five. He further added that prior to that, voice box was available only at rupees forty thousand upwards and quality was still lacking.

Viveck Shettyy in his characteristic style kept the audience in great humour with his witty observations and sharp one-liners. Dr. Zahra Hussaini gave a detailed presentation on the working of the C Test and the distinct advantages that it brings to the table. She responded to multiple questions from the audience with great clarity and finesse.

The early detection and prevention of oral cancer can now become a reality thanks to over a decade of hard work and research and some pioneering work by Dr. Zahra Hussaini, The patented ‘ C TEST’ as she chooses to call it is a unique test that comprises of two tests that can be done with one simple, easy to use kit which can detect oral cancer 4 to 5 years in advance i.e. before malignancy even strikes the body

The CYTO TEST (brush biopsy as compared to pap smear) is one part of it and the other is the C SWIVEL BIOPSY (a modified punch biopsy). The major advantages of the C TEST kit are its simple design, easy to use technical steps, digitalized reporting pattern and a turnaround time of 3 days. It is also simple. painless, easy to use and does not require anesthetic or suturing. This test has been specifically developed for oral cancer and is completely sterile with disposable tips and also easy packaging for transportation of biopsy sample. More importantly at a very cost-effective price that is easily affordable to all sections of society.

The other technical advantage is the high rate of accuracy owing to the dual test format ( brush & swivel) and the digitalized reporting.

According to the WHO, Oral cancer is a major health problem worldwide. Among modern epidemics, cancer is the second commonest cause of mortality in developed countries. Oral cancer ranks number one among men and number three among women in India. Oral cancer constitutes 12% of all cancers in men and 8% of all cancers among women. It was estimated that in the year 2000, worldwide over 10 million new cases of cancer occurred (approximately 5.3 million men and 4.7 million women) and over 6 million people died from cancers.

According to Dr. Zahra Hussaini, “Unlike many projects, The C test Oral Cancer Project & Charity will be focused on solving a single problem: reducing the mortality rate of Oral Cancer worldwide. Oral Cancer is the number one cause of death among all cancers in India and there is – one death every 7 minutes. Most sufferers are in the rural areas, where they lack awareness and have minimal access to advanced medical care. In the USA there is a death every hour only due to oral cancer.”

Dr. Zahra wants to begin a nationwide stir by having a total solution for reducing deaths due to oral cancer. It is a solution for India by an Indian using Indian technology provided at Indian prices. so is not just about another test for detecting oral cancer but a total turnkey concept- early detection test, general public awareness, doctors training( Dentist, Ent Surgeon, Physician, Auxiliary Staff) and a specific oral cancer charity.

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