Birmingham City University (UK)

New System Being Devised To Restore Communications During Disasters

A portable system which allows communications to be restored in the wake of disasters and help direct survivors to safety is being devised by academics. Ron Austin, Associate Professor of Networks and Security at Birmingham City University (UK), has created the prototype system which could be used to plug a crucial gap in systems such as telephone, GPS and internet links during the first 24-hours following a disaster

eBay Language Study Reveals Words To Use And Avoid When Selling Products

A ‘gent’ can expect to pay twice as much as a ‘man’ and ‘authentic’ products fetch up to 50 per cent more than ‘genuine’ ones, according to unique academic analysis of the language used on eBay. Researchers at Birmingham City University (UK) trawled more than 68,000 items listed and sold on the auction giants’ UK site, to find out how online sellers choose to describe their products.