Kaspersky Lab

Wannacry Ransomware Origin Remains A Mystery

A Google researcher pointed at a WannaCry malware sample which appeared in the wild in February 2017, two months before the recent wave of attacks. Kaspersky Lab’ GReAT researchers analyzed this information, identified and confirmed clear code similarities between the malware used by the Lazarus hacking group in 2015 attacks. But…

Old Android Devices At Risk From Automatically Downloaded And Executed Malware ?

In order to protect yourself from drive-by attacks, Kaspersky Lab experts advise the following: Keep your Android-based device software up-to-date by enabling the automatic updates function; Restrict the installation of applications from alternative sources to Google Play, especially if you’re managing a collection of devices used in corporate networks and use a proven security solution

Steam Stealers Target Thousands of Gamer Accounts

Steam Stealer is a constantly evolving breed of malware that is responsible for hijacking the user accounts of the popular gaming platform, Steam. The malware’s goal is to steal online gaming items and user account credentials, and then resell them on the black market. It is distributed to cybercriminals under a malware-as-a-service business model with an extremely low entry price of up to $30 USD.