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Tata Power Helping Mumbai Consumers Reduce Energy Consumption - Indiapages

Tata Power Helping Mumbai Consumers Reduce Energy Consumption

~Drives Key Energy Conservation tips for Mumbai customers~

 ·         Use ACs at 25 degrees and more

·         Switch off devices from the Plug Point

·         Use BEE 5-Star rated appliances

·         Avoid overloading the refrigerator

Tata Power, India’s largest integrated power company ranks consumers’ convenience as its top priority and is committed to providing the city of Mumbai with 24/7 quality power. With the passing of each summer the temperature gets hotter and humidity level increases, leading to citizens’ uneasiness. That’s not all; soaring temperatures cause higher electricity bills as a result of increased electricity usage in response to the extreme weather. Tata Power presents simple ways to beat the heat while helping you conserve energy and save on your power bill.

Households using electricity for general lighting & fan, consume around 300 units monthly but the same household using even a single AC and refrigerator consumes an additional 360 units on an average. A typical home consumes 40% more electricity overall on the hottest days, relative to an average summer day. The steady increase in home electricity usage as temperature goes up suggests that cooling appliances are the driving force of the upward trend.

Since weather can’t be controlled, consumers can control how they use energy even during periods of extreme temperatures. Simple ways to reduce energy consumption are:

  • Use ACs at 25 degrees and more: It is actually quite comfortable. For each degree that is set above 22º, 3 to 5 percent less energy is used. Cleaning AC filters at regular intervals and using tinted glass or solar films on windows help in saving as much as 40% energy.
  • In case of Refrigerators, avoid opening the door frequently and do not overload the refrigerator. Cover liquids and wrap foods stored in the refrigerator as uncovered foods release moisture and make the compressor work harder.
  • Switch off devices from the Plug Point: Electrical appliances also consume energy in the ‘stand-by mode’. One should make it a practice to switch off ACs, TVs, Washing machines, Microwaves, Geysers and Mobile chargers from the plug point.


The company recommends the use of BEE 5-Star rated appliances for enjoying the same comfort levels with less energy usage.


Type of Appliance Non Rated Appliance Consumption BEE Rated New 5-Star Appliance Consumption Approximate Savings associated with 5-star Appliances
Ceiling Fan 75 W 50 W 33%
Double-Door Refrigerator 300 Litres 800 kWh / Year 335 kWh / Year >50%
1 Ton Split AC 1300 W 1004 W 25%


Additionally, Tata Power’s recently launched a LED tube light program for its residential consumers in Mumbai encourage them to adopt energy efficiency lights, thereby, saving power.

Tata Power through its various ongoing ‘Be Green’ Offers helps consumers to switch to 5-star rated energy efficient appliances and save on Electricity bill. These programs are available for LED Tube Lights, ACs, Fans & Refrigerators. Tata Power consumers can exchange their old energy guzzling appliances with a new 5-Star rated one at an attractive discount of 40 to 50% on MRP.

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