The NutCracker, Mumbai

A small hide-out in town that serves fairly delicious food, The NutCracker in Mumbai is a must visit for breakfast lovers
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Tucked in a narrow lane close to Kala Ghoda in Mumbai, The NutCracker is a small food joint I recently visited with a friend. To begin with, it was a very small restaurant-cum-cafe with just about 6 closely arranged tables in total. We luckily did not have to wait, but soon as we got a table, we noticed the crowd increase. To me, waiting outside a restaurant for more than 10 minutes itself is a negative mark.
The Ambiance
The entrance was embellished with neatly trimmed flowering plants and a few yellow chairs for those who had to wait. The raw, wooden interiors of the restaurant were supplemented with a few canvas paintings, giving the place a European look. The place could have been better lit, for very little natural light reached the interiors of the cafe. Of course, since the restaurant was small, the noise levels were high – a negative point for me. The service was quick, friendly and clean, a positive mark to the small, cluttered interior.
The Food
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The menu seemed interesting with a variety of breakfast options. The restaurant offers interesting egg-based dishes with a portion good enough for one. We called for their popular ‘Eggs Kejriwal’, a multigrain toast topped with masala mushrooms, fried eggs, cheese and green chillis – cooked well and served neatly.
Our next order was ‘The Anytime Wrap’, a warm tortilla based roll filled with lettuce leaves, a masala omelet, red onions and tomatoes and their popular ‘harrissa’ sauce. The roll was perfectly cooked, spiced and neatly put together on a platter with some potato chips and a small portion of the ‘harrissa’ sauce.

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