‘The Ripple Effect’


 A Detective Romance With The Backdrop Of An IT Company

A woman working in a well-known software company meets a mysterious death. Neil Bhargav, suave and renowned private detective from Delhi, and Ishani Sohoni a young, beautiful and intelligent private detective from Mumbai meet in Pune to jointly solve the case. Earlier, after a rushed investigation, the case has been closed by the local police as an accident and somebody has worked behind the scenes to have it reopened.
What was life like for Manjiri at work and at home? Who were the people she met and influenced? As the investigation into her death gathers momentum, many loose threads have to be pieced together and some of the skeletons hidden in the closets of supposedly respectable individuals are bound to come out…
The undeniable chemistry between the two detectives means that they have to work extra hard to stay focusedon the case. Many management books have been written keeping the IT industry as the background. But hardly even anyone has authentically used an IT company as the background for a detective romance.
“The Ripple Effect” is a work of fiction but as the author is an IT industry veteran, the setup, the people, their interactions, the situations they find themselves in are written very realistically.
The novel smartly combines old style investigative mystery with romance and makes it a fun read with wit and humor. People who like mysteries, people who like romances and folks from the IT industry would enjoy this book thoroughly.
No of Pages: 315
Price: Rs. 380 / –


About the author
Sonali Gogate has over twenty years of experience in the IT industry. She started her career as software developer and after a successful and fulfilling career left the IT industry as a Technical Director last year. She has worked for some startups as well as global giants such as Microsoft and has lived in different parts of India as well as the US. She is now based in Pune.
Sonali comes from a literary family – her mother, Shubhada Gogate, is a well-known writer in Marathi; her father, Sharad Gogate who retired from publishing few years ago, has written books about publishing and is consulted as an expert in the field. She has travelled extensively within and outside India; sometimes alone, sometimes with friends and sometimes with strangers. She has also trekked in different parts of the Himalayas. She has met interesting people from different walks of life and has been through some challenging situations, thanks to her adventures.