Crosses 1 Million Downloads, Becomes India’s Fastest Growing Digital Mindfulness Platform is anchored and mentored by BK Sister Shivani, and more than eight spiritual masters and guides. The App espouses the philosophy that – your thoughts impact your life on various levels. It amplifies the power of positive thoughts, affirmations, and creative visualisations to recreate life.

India’s leading meditation app, from the house of JetSynthesys, on its first anniversary yesterday, announced the crossing of a landmark one million downloads. With this milestone, becomes the fastest growing digital mindfulness platform in India. A one-stop destination/platform for customers/users seeking mindfulness, meditation and positivity, is anchored by globally acclaimed emotional and spiritual mentor BK Sister Shivani.

To celebrate its first anniversary, hosted an evening with BK Sister Shivani and around 150 CEOs, senior leaders of different organizations in Pune. During the session, Sister Shivani covered varied aspects of mental well-being encouraging users to stay positive by taking personal responsibility and begin their daily transformation journey.

The platform/ has onboard eight masters including Behzad Randeria, Lucía Garcia Giurgi, Mona Doctor, Vatsal Doctor Gregory, Tyagi Shurjo, Rishad, Benaisha, Vidisha Kaushal. These masters will guide users on their journey of mental and emotional well-being encompassing varied aspects of mindfulness like leadership training, master spirit, holistic psychotherapist, emotional, mental and integrated wellbeing, arts and sounds, energy medicine, accessible yoga, radical transformation along with a new exclusively curated library of guided meditations & mindfulness practices.

Commenting on the success of its latest business vertical, Rajan Navani, Vice Chairman & Managing Director, JetSynthesys said, “At JetSynthesys, we strive to enrich the daily lives of millions of Indian by building platforms, ecosystems and communities leveraging the power of the digital world. We are delighted with the overwhelming response has received over the last year making it one of the fastest-growing mindfulness apps. In today’s fast-paced age, technology surrounds us across all realms of our lives, aims to bridge the gap between technology and spirituality to give users easy access to positive way of life to better prepare them for daily stress and anxiety.”

Spreading the message of positivity through, BK Sister Shivani said, “The journey of began with a simple thought of gifting positive thinking through a digital platform to the world. Today, people are faced with a number of personal and professional challenges in their lives. Beyond an app, is an emotional fitness companion/mindfulness app for individuals to stay positive by taking personal responsibility and becoming a master of their emotions and life. With the power of this digital platform, we hope to spread this message to millions of people. We believe that the journey begins with ‘me’ and thinking right creates a ripple effect; when we change, our world changes.” 

Anchored by Sister Shivani, the new version of gives the user a creative visualisation to live a better life. The app strives to provide users with a one-stop platform with daily themes to serve a host of spiritual needs with its unique offerings. The platform showcases affirmations, visualisation messages and ambience themes with BK Sister Shivani, an emotional fitness tracker to trace user’s emotional journey, quick guided SOS meditations, an extensive on-the-go meditation, music and chant library as well as inspirational articles and success stories. The mindful destination has features such as meditation timer and Jappa counter to track meditation practices.

A snapshot of a user’s daily journey with app and website

  • Kickstart your day with a 5-minute powerful guided audio affirmation from BK Sister Shivani
  • Stay aligned to emotional fitness goals through creative notifications
  • In the evening watch a 5-minute video session with BK Sister Shivani to reflect on the day and plan ahead
  • Instantly reclaim peace through 1-minute meditations in the SOS section
  • Guided Meditations to help users reduce stress, increase focus, release negative emotions and create positive outcomes with new meditative themes being introduced on a daily basis
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