Transforming Life With The Mumbai Yoga Fest 2016

The Mumbai Yoga Fest 2016 organised by Shammi’s Yogalaya Foundation , is scheduled for 19th to 21st June in Mumbai , promises to be one such experience . With an estimated two thousand plus participants and comprising of unique modules like the Suryathon Challenge, Pre Natal Yoga session, Headstand workshop, Yoga therapy session for Lifestyle conditions and Pain management, Yoga for Senior citizens, Health and Nutrition awareness, and many more; this fest promises to be a signature event for Shammi’s Yogalaya Foundation and the evolution of Yoga in the years to come.

Shammi Yogalaya Foundation’s yoga expertise has touched lives across all walks of life from corporate head honchos to celebrities to housewives to students and senior citizens. The Foundation works on the singular mission of transforming lives through Yoga. Shammi’s Yogalaya Foundation is cofounded by Shammi Gupta (who holds a Master of Arts in Yoga Shastra) along with Sharmila Munj and Jayant Mhaiskar,

Manesh Saroj Jhunjhunwala, senior corporate head honcho and a chain smoker has now kicked the habit thanks to incorporating Yoga in his life. Beena Puri , a housewife in her early fifties, managed to successfully combat high levels of sugar and BP with Yoga and now leads a medication free normal life by making Yoga an integral part of her daily existence. Netanya Ahuja , an 18 year old student appearing for her CBSE exams, practiced yoga under the able guidance of Shammi’s Yogalaya Foundation for enhanced performance during exams with a relaxed and cool state of mind. Headstands during pregnancy is probably unheard of , but then you have to meet Revathy Sreekumar, who practiced yoga right through her pregnancy , including headstands to ensure a smooth and safe delivery. A Senior Corporate Professional, Marathon runner and cancer survivor, Ravi Malhan, could immensely improve his marathon performance and overall health after reworking his life with Yoga .

Register for the Mumbai Yoga Festival at and take the first step to a blissful , healthy existence.