Travelling With Your Family? Take A Look At These Top 15 Travel Destinations According to Airbnb

Osaka, Japan

Perhaps 2017 is the year to move on from the annual trip to the lake house, or at least shake things up a bit with a second family vacation to Kyoto or Bordeaux. According to a recent survey by Airbnb, conducted online by Harris Poll among family travelers (defined as parents of children under 18 who have ever taken a family vacation), over 2 in 5 (43%) say their family prefers to travel to a new destination every year, while 45% say they like a mix of both old and new destinations each year.

Where are they going? We can’t speak for all family travelers but on Airbnb, seeing some new hotspots emerge for family travelers in 2017. From Osaka (Japan) and Malibu (California) to Fortaleza (Brazil) and Valencia (Spain), these are our top trending family destinations based on an increase in guest arrivals*:

1 – Osaka, Japan 6 – Princeville, Kauai 11 – Miami, Florida
2 – Kyoto, Japan 7 – The Big Island, Hawaii 12 – Lyon, France
3 – Melbourne, Australia 8 – Bordeaux, France 13 – Valencia, Spain
4 – Malibu, California 9 – Fortaleza, Brazil 14 – Edinburgh, Great Britain
5 – Reykjavik, Iceland 10 – Honolulu, Hawaii 15 – Anaheim, California