WOW: Uber Driver Travels From Pune To Mumbai International Airport To Return Passenger’s Bag

Mohnish Rajan, passenger alongwith Uber driver Manik Choure, who reached Mohnish’s bag containing his passport & other documents from Pune to Mumbai International Airport

It was indeed a remarkable gesture by Manik Choure, Uber driver (MH12  NX 6146), who took the trouble to drive from Pune to Mumbai International Airport to return his passenger, Mohnish Rajan’s bag containing his passport and documents, this morning at 7 am.

Mohnish had boarded the Uber from his residence at Salisbury Park and alighted at Pimpri to travel with his family by car. He took his two bags but forgot his third bag in the cab. When he reached Lonavala he received a call from Manik informing him that he had left his bag in the cab. A shocked Mohnish, who was on his way to Mumbai to board an international flight, realized it was the bag containing his passport and other important documents.

Mohnish Rajan humbly requested the Uber driver to please immediately leave for Mumbai, to reach his bag in time for his flight, Singapore Airlines, to Melbourne. Without any delay, Manik proceeded to Mumbai and reached just in time to hand over the bag to the owner. Of course, he was duly compensated for his efforts, but it is a rare act of selflessness by the driver! Hats off to Manik!!

Says Usha Karnani, Monish’s Mother-in-law ” I am amazed at the Uber driver, Manik Choure’s sense of responsibility as also his commendable act of ensuring his passenger’s wellbeing. Have no words to thank him enough.”

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