UberHIRE: Book A Cab For An Entire Day


UberHIRE is a new kind of time-based Uber that’s available on-demand, to let you explore and travel around cities knowing that your Uber will wait for you. It’s perfect for travellers exploring a new city, senior citizens who need to make trips punctuated with multiple stop overs, or for business travellers who have multiple meetings – while ensuring it is an economical option for everyone.

After a successful pilot run in Kochi, starting today, this service will go live in New Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Vizag and Nagpur, with more cities slated for launch in the weeks to come.


  1. Open your Uber app and slide over to UberHIRE
  2. Set your pickup location and request your ride
  3. Your Uber will be at your service. You will see your driver’s details straight away, along with the details of your car
  4. At the end of your trip, your total fare is calculated based on the distance and duration of your trip. You can pay in cash and receive an e-receipt

Q: What is the fare structure for UberHIRE Mumbai?

A. Here are a sample fares on UberHIRE, on journeys of different lengths:

Example Usage Base Fare Time charges Incremental distance charges Final fare
Shopping Run 1.5 hrs | 30 kms ₹360 Nil Nil ₹600 (Minimum fare)
Business Meetings 4 hrs | 45 kms ₹360 ₹2*240 mins ₹12*15 kms ₹1020
Pub Crawl 6 hrs | 60 kms ₹360 ₹2*360 mins ₹12*30 kms ₹1440
Exploring the city 8 hrs | 100 kms ₹360 ₹2*480 mins ₹12*70 kms ₹2160


Q: How do I pay for my UberHIRE ride?

A:  This service works on cash payments. At this time, we do not accept Paytm, credit or debit card payments on UberHIRE.

Q: Are the city limits different for UberHIRE?

A: The coverage area remains the same as it is for uberGO, uberX and uberXL.

Q: Do I need to pay for fuel?

A: You needn’t pay your driver extra for fuel.

Q: Is this a 24/7 available product?

A: At launch, UberHIRE will be available between 6am-10pm in Mumbai.

Q: Can I select UberHIRE for an overnight stay?

A: Currently, you can use this service for a maximum duration of 12 hours.

Q: How do I pay for tolls?

A: Toll charges are collected in cash – you need to pay the charges in cash to your driver partner directly.

This service is going live in the following cities. Read on to find out more about UberHIRE in your city:






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