Vijender Singh / Viveck Shettyy Exchange Verbal Punches

A special episode On FM Rainbow 107.1 featuring Padmashri Vijender Singh, India’s boxing Champion, and Olympic medallist, promises to be a listener’s delight in every sense of the term.

The story of a small town boy from Haryana beating the very best in boxing across the world and emerging a true winner against all odds is the kind of script that would make any writer proud. From his famous and most feared uppercut to the one fight that he really wished he had won, all this more come up for discussion, as Motivational Speaker, Singer and host Viveck Shettyy got the champion to open up in a heartwarming conversation. He also expressed an ardent desire for improved sports facilities in India, especially when it comes to infrastructure and medical facilities for boxers.

He also fondly recollected his brief fling with Bollywood and those unforgettable words of advice that none other Amitabh Bachchan gave him at a get together in Mumbai. Vijender says, ” Amitabh Ji told me that India has many good actors but not too many good boxers. So please do not give up boxing for acting”

Vijender Singh is passionately looking for another big professional fight before December. Viveck Shettyy further ups the ante with his witty remarks and pertinent observations. “We are all waiting for the punches and uppercuts as the champion gets ready for his next big one”.

The Vijender Singh Episode is Scheduled for broadcast on FM RAINBOW 107.1 FM on 27th October at 6 pm, followed by a repeat broadcast on 28th October at 10 am.

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