Viveck Shettyy Unravels Human Mind On DD Sahyadri

Motivational speaker, Yogi, and Mystic Viveck Shettyy is now set to share his valuable insights and immense knowledge on the human mind with viewers on DD Sahyadri. The first five episodes are scheduled for broadcast starting 2nd April (Today) to 6th April (Friday) at 7.30 a.m. every day.

Speaking on the human mind, he said, “Clarity in thinking is the highest form of evolution. The mind can truly be a miracle, provided we know how to conduct it. The trouble is while we know the software of almost every other gadget in our life, we truly do not know the software of the human mind. And it is this very mind that would help us achieve all our goals and take life to its highest possibility. Let’s take charge of our minds. Let’s get our body cells and our steps in one direction with singular focus and intensity of involvement. We owe it to ourselves to take this life to peak potential, to its highest possibility.”

These episodes will provide the preliminary basic insights into the software of the human mind and its various components; their vast potential and applications. Common day to day problems and immediate effective solutions would also be brought into sharp focus. Most importantly path-breaking exercise for the human minds should be a revelation to most viewers. Just like we exercise our body, it is equally important to exercise our mind. How many of us really know exercises for the human mind and the various purposes they serve? These exercises promise to change the very course of our lives and take life to its peak potential.

About Viveck Shettyy

Viveck Shettyy, Head Honcho, Indus communications, has been a motivational speaker  with a strong focus on Life Sciences and Mystic knowledge, for  more than 15 years now with over 400 lectures and speeches to his credit; spread across leading corporate groups ,management institutions, NGOs, medical and engineering colleges, international schools and various management forums. He also conducts one to one classes on a regular basis for ‘ Mind Management ‘ and ‘ Voice Training’

Shetty has nearly two lakh twenty thousand followers on Twitter and another one lakh twenty-five thousand on Instagram, with numbers multiplying by the hour. His firm Indus Communications, is a 360-degree communication services company, offering state of the art services in advertising, public relations, event management, and celebrity management to leading corporates, business houses, and celebrities. He was conferred with the ‘NAVSHAKTI’ award in 2016 for excellence in communications and branding leading to social impact.

He has a profound interest in music and also is the lead vocalist of his six-member band that has performed in leading festivals across the country. He was conferred with the Puncham Award for ‘Melodious Voice of the Year ‘ in 2012. He strongly believes in Yoga and religiously devotes himself to practicing it every single day. The truly multi-faceted Viveck Shettyy dabbles Management, Motivation, Yoga writing, singing and anchoring with equal ease and élan.

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