Yecup 365 Is The Coolest Yet Hottest Mug Around

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How many a times have people just wished to have that perfect cup of hot coffee on a cold winter day or a sip of a really cold beverage on a hot summer day? Yecup 365 has just found the perfect solution to it.

Yecup 365 is the first temperature adjustable mug that can cool down or heat up your drink, all day, any day! This mug can wirelessly cool down or heat up your drink to the exact temperature you would like. This is an amazing piece of technology for people who like to have any beverage on the go, whether you are at the office, camping, on the bus, at home or anywhere else.

This mug can be controlled through an app on your phone and charges wirelessly. It also doubles as a portable charger and can charge your phone or tablet up to 3 times a day. Yecup is at a Kickstarter phase and the Yecup 14oz  mug+ Wireless charger is available for $150.

This simple mug is definitely the perfect solution to a perfect cup of hot chocolate for sure.